Why You Might Need Expert Probate Legal Advice

If you have suffered the loss of your spouse or close family member, then it is likely that you may have dealt with probate, or at least have heard of the term.

Basically probate is the term which where the deceased estate, for instance property and money, is distributed to those named in the will – the beneficiaries. It gives one or more people the legal authority to carry out this out. It also gives them the authority to collect in all of the deceased’s money, such as from insurance policies and paying any debts owed.

Probate is a complicated legal process, and it is for this very reason that people require professional assistance. Probate legal advice can be gained from probate solicitors.

The person dealing with the deceased’s will is called the executor. The executor will have the known what their role would be when the will was drawn up. Their legal right to deal with its provisions is through a document called “grant of probate.|”

Probate can be applied for even if the deceased never left a will. In such cases the next of kin applies for letters of administration.

It is permissible to apply for grant of probate without the assistance of probate solicitors. It can be applied for through the Probate Service. However, this process can very time consuming. This is why many people instead choose to apply for the grant through solicitors. This is often the wisest choice as he will have the professional knowledge to offer probate legal advice.

Probate solicitors can be found through the Law Society. The information can be gained through the society’s website. Alternatively, you might want to search online – either for local probate solicitors or for a source of online probate legal advice. Finally, perhaps the best way of choosing your probate solicitors is through recommendation from friends or family.

A grant may not be needed in certain circumstances. For instance, the home may have been left to the surviving spouse or partner, or the bank accounts were held jointly. Here the production of death certificate may be enough for funds to be transferred to the surviving partner.

Those acting as executors of the will have many duties to perform once they have received the grant. The assets of the deceased have to be gathered together and of the deceased’s outstanding bills paid off. Then the balance will have to be passed on to the beneficiaries named in the will. As well as this, everything that has been gathered in, paid out and then paid to those named in the will has to be accounted for. This alone is one of the many reasons why people seek probate legal advice.

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