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Real Estate Syndication Secrets – Extraordinary Profits

While many of today’s real estate investors are suffering from this massive, global economic meltdown that’s causing unemployment to rise to at least 10% by this fall, bank foreclosures to skyrocket and prices in most real estate markets to fall more than half from their peak, my students are making 6- and 7-figures with real estate investing syndication.

For example:

o My client, Jay Redding syndicated his first commercial real estate property in Indiana earning his investment business an immediate $250,000.00 in cash and equitable profits.

o My client, Certified Financial Planner, Michelle Agar syndicated her first group of 5 investment properties in Edmonton, Alberta, earning her $269,000.00 in profits.

Want to know how they’re making extraordinary profits in today’s real estate “Perfect Storm” of opportunity, and how you could do the same?

6 Elements A Real Estate Investing Business Needs to Make Extraordinary Profit Gains with Less Than a Part-Time Effort

Profit-making element #1: Vision and Planning

You need to understand that your investing business should be treated like you would for your own baby in the beginning and it should be nurtured as such. I don’t believe that any parent in their right mind with a newborn child says, “I’m going to walk away from this baby and leave it to fend for itself without any help and check up on it every few weeks or months. Then I’ll see if it has fed itself, changed its diapers, growing strong and operating with positive values and ideals.”

If they did this, their baby would die. Yet, I see one investor after another doing the same thing with their businesses and then they wonder: “what in the world went wrong.” They failed to plan. They failed to create a vision. They failed to implement proven business systems. Anf finally, they failed to focus their efforts on launching and nurturing their business so their investing business will be ready for more independence in the future.

Profit-making element #2: Specialized Knowledge

As an investor you need to know how to find, finance, hold and flip deals. You need to know negotiation strategies, NLP mind tricks, what’s-working-now techniques, real estate contracts, and how to adapt to opportunities in more than one marketplace, using more than one investing strategy. And, if you don’t have these specialized skills and knowledge then you need to find one or more partners that have the resources, skills and knowledge to help you close more deals. That’s what real estate investing syndication is all about. It’s the ultimate Joint Venture investment business.

Profit-making element #3: Applied Strategies

There are very specific strategies that you need to know in order to:

o Set up an organization that generates huge profits on its very first transaction

o Position yourself as a syndication expert so more people want to work with you

o Create and generate profits 8 to 12 different ways on every deal

o Deal with the legal ins and outs

o Finding the perfect syndication partners

o Leverage your knowledge into massive wealth

Profit-making element #4: Mentorship and Advisors

My real estate investing syndication business generated over 3.2 million dollars in equity and cash profits within its first 93 days. In 26 months we had transacted over 14 million dollars worth of real estate across 5 markets in North America.

I credit much of my success to Research in Motion’s CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie. Working under two of the world’s most prominent self-made technology billionaire face-to-face for four years certainly helped me hone my business and relationship skills fast. Remember, behind every successful entrepreneur is a mentor that has helped guide he or she in the direction they want to go.

Profit-making element #5: Strategic Partners

When you become a real estate syndicator and partner with other investors who have money to invest in the market you:

o Build a formidable reputation

o Do more deals by leveraging this concept

o Create a fortune for yourself without using your own money

o Become a major player in the market without risking any of your own capital

In other words, when you transform your real estate investing business into a syndicator, you create a win/win/win for everyone involved.

Profit-making element #6: Systems and Processes

Once you have launched your real estate investing syndication business and put the right systems and processes in place, you can work part-time from your laptop and Blackberry. Re-inventing himself as a real estate syndicator, with just 10 hours of effort, Robert Beagle closed his first real estate deal and made over $61,000 in profits on a property he had never seen!

As you complete more transactions and learn to master systems and processes you’ll be able to put your business on autopilot and complete even more deals in less time.

Real estate investment syndicator Brad Wozny, has transacted over $14 million worth of real estate across 5 markets in North America in just 26 months, Now, he’s sharing how everyday real estate investors can close more real estate deals around the world and pocket more 6-figure checks simply with real estate syndication. Claim your copy of his FREE 6-FIGURE Syndication Secrets report now at: http://www.RealEstateSyndicationRiches.com
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Author: R Brad Wozny
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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Commercial Real Estate Syndication

We’ve been discussing the process of assembling groups of investors for the purpose of acquiring income producing commercial real estate. As we move to getting the property into escrow so that you can verify its suitability for investment, we need to look at keeping control of the property for sufficient time to complete your investigation.

Your goal is to control the property without risking any of your money. The Seller’s goal is to extract as much money as possible from you as quickly as possible to tie you to his property. So how do you structure your purchase contract to maximize your time while minimizing your exposure? Using well structured contingencies is the answer.

As the Syndicator of group investment, you need to perform a Due Diligence investigation of the property. This is essentially a verification of the statements made by the Seller as to the condition of the property, the status of the leases, the history of income and expenses, the state of title, the existence of natural and man-made hazards, and anything else that can affect the value of the property. It is acceptable to make your purchase (and your deposit) subject to your approval of all of these conditions. Stating these conditions in your purchase contract turns them into contingencies, since your completing the purchase is contingent upon accepting the all of this information as stated by the Seller.

There are two “special” contingencies you’ll want in your purchase offer when you are creating a group investment. The first one is that you can cancel the transaction if you cannot fully subscribe your investment group in a specific period of time. Basically, if you fail to raise the money in time, the transaction is canceled and you get your deposit back.

The second is to allow you to vest the property in another name. This might be something as simple as “John Doe or assignee” in the Purchaser section of a standard real estate contract. This is very important to your “survival” as the Syndicator. It is this ability to assign your purchase rights under the contract to the LLC that gives you an opportunity for ownership in the group investment.

As a practical matter though, Sellers can get uncomfortable with lots of contingencies that have long removal periods and may wait for a faster buyer. An acceptable alternative is the use of an Option to Purchase. The Option gives the option holder (you) an irrevocable right to purchase the property in the time period specified in the option. Options also tend to be less “expensive” that escrow deposits since no one is getting tied up in purchase contract. The downside for you is that your option payment is non-refundable. If you don’t purchase the property, your option payment (called “option money”) is gone.

Options can range from a week to a year, although most fall into a 3 to 6 month period. It is also possible to pay a small amount of money for a shorter period, say a month, in what is often termed a “free look.” Why it’s called a “free” look when you’re paying a few hundred dollars for it is one of those time-honored industry oxymoron’s, but it probably relates to the relatively small amount of money for the short term option compared to the longer term ones.

Realistically, you would want to structure your option to have an extension period if you discover you want the property. Of course, you’d need to pay more money with each extension. Even when using an option, you’ll still want to have your contingencies in place when you submit the purchase contract. The difference is that you’ll have less time in which to approve of them.

So now you have the two methods in which you can control a potential investment property for sufficient time to complete your investigation and raise the money with which to purchase it. Good hunting!

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete statement with it: Craig Higdon, The Investment Property Insider, works as a commercial mortgage broker. He publishes the weekly Investment Property Insider e-zine and blog, http://www.InvestmentPropertyInsider.com Visit the blog and get a complimentary report on commercial financing techniques.

Author: Craig Higdon
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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